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What is Housemade, you ask?

Well - it's a lot of things.  Let me back up a bit and introduce myself.  My name is Rachelle House Lazzaro - House being my maiden name.  I started my career in 2003 working in the art department on film sets in Los Angeles (back then it was actually film).  After a decade of art directing hundreds of tv commercial spots, my husband and I made the trek back to the East Coast in search of a simpler life - and to be clear, by simpler I really mean more affordable.  More likely to accomplish personal goals by having the space and time and money to achieve them.

So, that was four years ago.  Since then, we've added a family member (my daughter Emma) and I've shifted my career into design producing a number of home renovation shows.  This was such a good shift for me - designing with purpose, getting to do actual people's homes - not just film sets we create in 4 days and rip down 24 hours later.  I've always had a great interest in skilled makers and collaborating with them to create unique products for the multitude of projects I've worked on and now I'm attempting to lasso in years of ideas into one great shop.  

Sounds a bit daunting but I've attempted crazier things (see: next post - failures).  So I convinced my brother to partner up with me and rent a giant warehouse in the neighboring town and since then we've been designing and building some great pieces of furniture.  It's become a growing theme for people to request custom tables because they want an heirloom, a solid wood piece to pass down for generations.  We are creating a line of tables that are suitable in all types of homes but are made to order and can be customized by you, for your home.  

So take a look around.  We have busted our tushies to show you what we've got in this new year but we are still very much growing - check back often.  And as always, if you're looking for something that isn't on the site, reach out!  We barely say no around here.

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