Settee on deck

Very rarely do I return home from an auction or an antique hunt with an item that impresses and awes my husband.  I always ask, "do you see it?" in which of course I'm referring to the potential... because there is always potential.  Ok, I take that back.  There have been a few times where I've stored an item for years only to find that I never really loved it in the first place.

This settee, however, is not that.  Although I found this gem over a year ago, I've been patiently waiting for the right home, client, fabric - anything that sparks an idea.  I feel as if she's been waiting long enough and her time has come.  The biggest hurdle is the fabric.  Although my initial instincts are to stick with neutrals, I always view reupholstery as an option to get a little more adventurous.  Thinking of the end goal for each piece is another large piece of the puzzle but currently, I don't have an end goal for this.  

I was really motivated by my previous settee which turned out so beautifully.  We stripped the finish off to lighten the wood frame and reupholstered it.  Here was a perfect example of end goal - once we were designing this master bedroom it was clear to me that I had to incorporate this settee at the foot of the bed.  With a custom made bed and desk, it didn't take long to settle on the fabric selection once all the materials were viewed together.




I don't have the "before" photo of this settee but maybe it's best to forget how unattractive it once was.  I can tell you that stripping off the dark finish was not easy and that reminder weighs heavily on my decision to possibly do it again with this next piece.




So, what do we think?  Dark stain, light stain?  Bold or neutral fabric?  


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