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Custom furniture has found it's way into a niche market - high end homes and professionally designed spaces.  Perhaps it's the price point that scares off most, or the lack of accessibility.  As the inhabiter of the space, you have the luxury of having spent time in it and knowing what works and what doesn't.  These are the tools you can use to create the perfect piece for your space.

As a designer, it is almost always my go to when designing a space.  So often a client will have a pretty clear idea of what it is they want out of a piece functionality-wise but the aesthetics come down to a selection of big box choices with the caveat of "like this but not like that."  Building custom eliminates that by building a piece exactly to the clients' specifications.  

The original Betty Farmhouse Table was built per the clients' need to accommodate  multiple family members for holidays but not necessarily dominate the space every other time.  They also didn't want to bother with storing table leaves, so we created a self-storing draw leaf system that easily allows them to open up this table to a full 10 feet!  Also, I need to note that comfort at the table was of utmost importance so we selected the seating first and designed the dimensions of the table around them. Perhaps that might be detail overkill but look how well those chairs fit!

Photo:  OAK Design Project

Although simple in design, many factors went into the build of this entertainment unit.  We completely designed around the Frame TV, making sure to match the finish to keep within the blended nature that the tv offers.  It was important to still have functional use of the entertainment unit while keeping the openings for the cable box minimal to not distract from the overall aesthetic.  Large, durable drawers were installed for storage - knowing that little ones would soon fill the room with all of their... stuff.

Photo:  OAK Design Project

So why doesn't everyone build everything custom all the time?  There are a few roadblocks for some and I've narrowed it down to two issues;


It's true, it's not cheap.  Building custom almost always means that it will be more expensive but the way I look at it, if you were going to invest in something that wasn't quite perfect, why not go the extra mile to make sure that it is?  Having lived in a multitude of spaces with an ever-changing style and furniture selection I can tell you first hand that the store bought pieces I've invested in will most likely be replaced at some point.  The one of a kind antiques, heirlooms and pieces I've had custom made will surely outlast the others.  

Where to begin

Perhaps you're not sure where to start.  Design doesn't come naturally to everyone and relying on your builder to figure out all of the details might not work the way you want it to.  At Housemade, we offer free design services on customized pieces - feel free to send us your inspiration, measurements and photos of your space so we can help guide you in the process of designing the perfect piece.  We ship nationwide!

So what's holding you back?  We're here to help you create your one of a kind piece from start to finish.

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