A Design / Build Family

Who is Housemade anyway?

It's all in the name.  Literally.  Jason and I were born into the House family - an extremely resourceful bunch.  Rarely do I recall a hired hand around our house, either my Dad fixed it or my Mom made it.  I'd say the characteristics have been passed down (more to my brother than myself).  

While I've been immersed in the design world in one way or another for my entire career, the same can't be said for Jason.  See, he's the kind of person that is good at everything (really, everything.  Insert eye roll emoji).  There was a time when he had a corporate job and spent most of his time behind a desk.  What a waste, huh?  Well, that's how I felt.  Not one to sit still, he eventually started a shop in his garage and the rest is history.  

It took a lot of time and work but we were finally able to join up and make a partnership based on the positive reaction of our clients.  We fully collaborate in every step of the process - from working with our clients to achieve the design in which they desire, to selecting the wood and finishes and incorporating one of a kind details in the finished product.  Now we are applying our best designs and techniques and providing clients with a curated furniture buying process.   

And it's all done in-house.  Get it?


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